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About Our Roofing Repairs Services

JC Dragon Roofing carry out all types of roof repairs and upgrades:

Tile replacements, Roof verge repairs, Roof ridge repairs, Fascia and soffit repairs, Gutter cleaning, repairs and upgrades, Valley repairs and Lead repairs.

We offer a wide range of repair services/types based on the vast variety of roofing systems available.  Call us today if you need help with roof repairs.

Common roof repairs are slipped or missing roof tiles or slates due to wind damage or accidental damage.

Roofs are damaged by bad storms, hail damage, strong winds, extreme temperature, ice and fallen objects.  We can inspect your roof to see if there are any problems. Call us to find and fix your issues.

Chimney Repairs

Utilising our vast experience in the roofing industry, we will safely and effectively remove the chimney from your roof, making sure not to damage any tiles or surrounding structures.

If chimneys are left un-maintained they can deteriorate quite quickly.

This can lead to them collapsing, and not only damaging your roof but putting you, your family or passers by in danger.

Our highly skilled and experienced roofers can provide an expert repairs and maintenance service to ensure that your chimney is safe and secure.

If you would no longer like a chimney on your domestic or commercial property, we do also provide a removal service.

Tile Repairs

We replace missing, broken or damaged roof tiles.

It's essential for all the roof tiles to be in good condition, they keep the roof/home dry and any missing or broken tiles can allow for the rain water to get through and cause dampness and other problems.

A few tile replacements undertaken early can prevent larger more expensive bills if left.

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs are a popular and long-lasting style of roof that won’t cost you the earth to put in and maintain.

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home or commercial property, without compromising the character of the building, think about a flat roof.

Versatile, waterproof and recyclable, delivered by a team of experts – there are endless benefits to choosing a flat roof.

Over many years, we have become experts at flat roof repairs.

Is your flat roof is in a state of disrepair, with moss growth and algae covering it?

Gutter Repairs

Leaky guttering needs to be taken care of.

Gutters are an essential part of the roofing system. They are designed so the rain water that falls onto the roof will flow into the gutters and continue down into the drains. Any blockages in the guttering can prevent the rain water from flowing through the system. The rain water will naturally disperse any way it can and cause numerous problems either in the roof itself causing damp problems, or if catching the brickwork it can, over time, loosen the mortar between the bricks.

We carry out gutter cleaning, which we recommend being carried out at least once or even twice a year. Dirt, leaves, nesting material, and any number of objects can gather in the gutters causing blockages. By having them cleaned this prevents unwanted problems and expense.

We carry out gutter repairs and upgrade to newer systems.

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