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About Fascias & Soffits

We carry out fascia and soffits repairs and upgrades.

Older wooden fascias and soffits require more attention regarding repairs. To ensure the wood is doing it's job, it means regular maintenance needs to be carried out, checking and replacing any rotten wood or painting to help preserve the wood for longer. Wooden fascias and soffits are more prone to rain water affecting them, causing wet, damp and dry rot (which leads to the wood crumbling) problems. With the new upvc products this takes all the maintenance problems out of the equation. There are many advantages of installing new fascias and soffits.


Fascias are situated below the roof tiles and act as a barrier between the exterior of your property and the edge of the roof. Fascias protect the roof and the inside of your home from weather damage.

Hard wearing, low maintenance UPVc fascia boards are designed for direct fixing to rafters. Fascia boards are the perfect product for new homes or for replacing old fascias.

New building regulations recommend installing the upvc fascias and soffits. 



Soffits can usually be seen from the ground level, looking up at the building. The new upvc soffits are ventilated which helps prevent condensation from damaging the roofline/interior of your property.

New stylish soffits will enhance any home and is available in colours and styles to suit all tastes. Boards are easy to fit and are fully compatible with our fascia systems for an exact colour match. Vented soffits are also available.

New buildings incorporate the updated building regulations and install the new fascias and soffits. The benefits outweigh the older wooden installations.



Building regulations change and update, over time.  The new fascias and soffits are much more beneficial to the customer and have many advantages over the older wooden installations. New builds have the newer upvc systems installed and older properties are also being updated.

When upgrading the fascias and soffits, it may also be a good opportunity to update the gutter system especially if there is considerable wear and tear.

Advantages of upgrading fascias and soffits:

Durable - long lasting and strong.

Low maintenance - no need to replace wet, rotten wooden boards or painting required.

Weatherproof/Waterproof - no absorbtion of water, unlike the wooden systems, so able to resist bad weather.

Ventilated - to allow the air to circulate and help prevent condensation.

Helps prevent birds etc. from accessing the roof space and causing problems/damage.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye